Top Chef’s Season 16 Cheftestants Share Their Favorite Louisville, KY Hotspots

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With season 16 of Top Chef in Louisville, Kentucky, this year we asked the show’s Cheftestants to share their favorite hotspots they’ve discovered while there. Here are their faves.



“While shooting Top Chef Kentucky, I really loved sipping cocktails at Hell or High Water in Louisville.  The room is swanky, the servers are very dapper and the drinks are dangerously delicious. Vietnamese Kitchen was also great for a comfort food fix or pho for a hangover from too many drinks at Hell or High Water.”



Butchertown Grocery in Louisville pleasantly served my wife and me some of the best cavatelli we’ve had in a long time. The food was no-fuss, straight to the point and executed perfectly.”



Just Hamburgers in Paducah, KY, is a haven for great burgers and fries, but the real story is their weekly specials. sometimes punny (the Rick Reuben, the Spud Webb), sometimes straightforward (the pimiento cheeseburger, the gouda burger), but always a lesson in flavor exploration from peanut butter & jelly and brisket & avocado to glazed donut buns, the flavors are often off-kilter but always on point.”



“During our Top Chef adventures, the coolest place we discovered was Vietnam Kitchen. It was located in a strip mall, right next to a coin-operated laundry mat and had the most delicious, comforting food we needed during the craziness. It was the only restaurant we visited twice. Sitting between Nini and Natalie made ordering the authentic food less overwhelming.”



“A really cool place that I got to go in Kentucky was Hell or High Water in Louisville. It is a speakeasy bar with really good cocktails (they also offer some snacks). Out back there is a big library that makes you feel like you are in a 70s movie, drinking some good cocktails, snacking, and having a good time with friends. If I ever come back to Kentucky, I will definitely go there again!”



“One of the best places I found in Kentucky was The Garage Bar on Market St. The vibe was very relaxed and welcoming with ping pong tables and lounge couches outside.”



“Being from Alabama, I crave local, southern food with traditions and personality sprinkled throughout. Decca was that and more. Anna’s food is thoughtful, unique, and executed flawlessly, but also gives you that “Sunday lunch at grandma’s house” comfort. The restaurant is housed in an old building in downtown Lexington and is filled with family pictures, history and life. Decca made me feel homesick and inspired all at the same time — my favorite way to be.”

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